The history of  Alanta land dates back to the oldest pre-historic times. From the written sources we know that the Grand Duke Žygimantas in 1436 m. for the achievements in fight with Švitrigaila donated Alanta to the nobleman Kristinas Astikas. The Astikai family history is worth a separate article. Later on till the Ist World War the land was ruled by the landlords Pamarnackai and their family.

The mansion building was built in the middle of  XIX century. In the XX th century the buildings were for several times reconstructed and restored. Now the palace is newly painted, the tin roof is changed, the paths are paved, the park and ponds are restored as well. In 1940-1946 in the mansion there was the Lower Agricultural School. In 1959 the Agricultural Technical school was established, which prepared agronomists and zootechnicians. In 1960 a building in Alanta town was given to the technical school and in the former inn school‘s workshops were established. In the end of 1973 the students began studying in the new school building. There were new classrooms and laboratories, new eguipment – strong material technical basis was created. New complex, where now there is a gym and concert hall, was built according to individual project. in 2002 the school changed its name into Alanta school of technology and business and in 2003 it became the Public Institution Alanta school of technology and business.

 The school, counting more than 50 years of life, provides general and vocational training.Students without basic education can acquire such specialities as joiner, ecological farm worker. Students, after basic education can become car mechanician ( toghether with driver‘s B and C1 categories), waiters – barmen, decorators. Those who have  a certificate of secondary education can study further at our school such specialities as  accountant-cashier, horse breeding business employee, security guard, waiter-barman Here work qualified, experienced and loving one‘s  job teachers, who constantly search for innovations and apply them  in the educational process. Students have good conditions to apply theoretical knowledge practically. Teachers and students take part in different international projects and have their work placements abroad in such countries as Italy, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Norway, Turkey. Teachers deepen their knowledge and share their experience in different conferences and seminars. Students from other basic schools and gymnasiums visit our school where they learn more about our specialities, about how to choose one’s career path. There are a lot of events at our school. Every year we organize speciality weeks and competitions, such as “The best accountant – cashier”, “ The best decorator” and etc. Our students take  part in many actions such as “ Action week against bullying at school”, “ The solution of youth problems” and others. Students eagerly participate in different sports competitions, basketball and table tennis are the most popular ones.

The school is the centre of culture of the whole region. Our Christmas fairs are known all over Lithuania. In the former landlord’s mansion now there is a library, a museum and a picture gallery where many art exhibitions and concerts take place.

Successful activity of the school is important not only to its students and teachers, but to the local inhabitants, to the whole Moletai district as well.

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